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Bred Cow & Heifer Sale

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02/22/2019 12:00 pm 



Dale Wilson- Herd Reduction

35 Red/RBF, Blk/BWF cows consigned from Dale and Carrie Wilson at Archerwill. Nice set of quiet cows that are only coming to town due to a shortage of pasture. These cows come from a closed herd with a complete herd health program. Bulls were turned out June 1st and are Bred to Black Simmental and Black Angus Bulls. Simmental Bulls from Double Bar D and Rendezvous Farms and Angus Bull is from Swtizers. Dont miss this great opportunity!

Nordal Bred Heifers

50 AngusX bred heifers from the heart of the Nordal commercial cow herd. Full Herd Health program, these heifers have been exposed to Low Birth Nordal Red and Black Angus Bulls. With some of the Heifers being AI’D to HA Payweight. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

VLT Farms Bred Heifers

VLT Farms is consigning 24 Black Heifers exposed to a CAlving ease Nordal Angus Bull. As well as 9 Hereford heifers bred to Fertile Valley Angus. Strong set of VLT Farms Bulls were turned out April 3rd. There will also be a select group of cows on offer. All cattle on offer have had both rounds of scour bos. With the heifers having both scour bos 4&9. Complete herd health program strong set of heifers Dont miss them.